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The Automaton





        The Automaton


Wingspan                      : 1520 mm ( 59.84 inch )

Length                           : 788 mm ( 31.02 inch )

Height                            : 308 mm ( 12.12 inch )

Estimated A.U.W            : 1856 g – 2200 g ( 65.46 oz – 77.60 oz )


The automaton is designed to serve as a suitable platform for FPV/UAV mission. Besides the amount of payload carrying capability, flight efficiency also becomes the main priority in the design consideration. The FPV gears which consist of CCD camera, AV transmitter, OSD, etc; could be incorporated with the autopilot modules in order to provide aerial view through a ground control station in an autonomous flight mission. To achieve complete information, airspeed sensor, GPS, OSD telemetry and data link Tx/Rx should be included in the autopilot modules.

DLE-JW02-A2 Preview Rev0




PDF Design Plans ( tiled A4-size ) 


Design plans consists of the model’s detail specification, the required material and components, the recommended flight setups, assembly diagram, the parts’ template and etc.

It also includes the build guide with instruction to construct the model with sequential steps and pre-steps.


Released Revision : 00

Price : USD $9.95

New Price : USD $5.00


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