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The UAV Automaton, DLE-JW02-A2, development phase 03



The Automaton is presented by Angel Gendut Productions.


UAV / FPV Platform : DLE-JW02-A2

Development Phase 03 : Efficient propulsion system and Autopilot Test part 02


Wing Span             : 1.5 m

Control Surface     : 2 Flaps and 2 Ailevators

Tested A.U.W         : 2.2 kg


Tested Drive system :

  • Brushless motor : Emax BL 2815/09, 920kv
  • Speed Controller : Emax 60A ESC
  • Electric Nylon Propeller : Revox 9x6E
  • Servos : 4 x Emax ES08MD Digital, Metal Gear servo
  • Li-Po Batt : Revox Nanotech 4S-5500mAh (30C)
  • 50 grams of solid lead (As counter-weight)


Radio Tx/Rx system :

  • Tx : Futaba T8FG Super, 2.4 GHz transmitter
  • Rx : Futaba R6028SB, 8ch 2.4 GHz receiver


FPV system :

  • FPV cam : 1/3 ” Sony CCD camera, 700VTL
  • Belly cam: GoPro Hero 3 Black Edition camera
  • AV Transmitter : Aomway  5.8GHz, 1000mW, clover-leaf antenna
  • AV Receiver : Aomway 5.8GHz, built-in DVR, clover-leaf antenna
  • FPV ground monitor : Feelworld 7 Inch


Flight Controller :

  • FeiyuTech FY-41AP Autopilot and OSD system


Flight debrief :

  • 50 grams of solid lead is attached to the cockpit as a counter weight to achieve the proper C.O.G; resulting in 2.2kg of A.U.W.
  • Airbrake mixing is implemented to preset the flaps and ailevators positions for hand-launch take-off and landing.
  • The new setup is more efficient for long duration flight; the test flight lasted for 15 minutes with 11 km of flight mileage and consumed 4000 mAh of battery capacity. Max airspeed at 76 km/h and cruise speed of 64 km/h. Take-off max current at 42A and cruise speed current at 15A.
  • Test flight altitude at 48m – 122m.
  • The ABM (Auto Balance Mode) flight mode operations is still not properly tuned due to the rolling right and losing altitude characteristics. The autopilot modules need further tuning and calibration.
  • The data link with GCS (Ground Control Station) interface is yet to be tested.
  • Waypoint navigation for fully-autonomous flight is yet to be tested.


Flight photos are available at Joni DLE google +


Music By:

Varien, Monstercat release

  • “Gunmetal Black”
  • “The Scarlet Dawn”