About Us


D.L. Engineering provides the knowledge and design plans to share the passion on scratch building model aviation. DLE produces a variety of prototype designs, including the original design to construct planes suitable for particular purposes ( UAV / FPV ). Building and testing the prototype designs is a continuous process before the optimized design version is obtained. The experience is shared through a video series on YouTube for easy accessible entertainment.

D.L. Engineering is founded by Joni in 2012. Supported by his engineering background, he started scratch building and getting involved in the community. The thrill and satisfaction of his first successful maiden flight drive him to establish DLE. The flight in the sky makes him feels home. The Sky is Home.

D.L. Engineering aims to continue sharing the passion through endless prototype design development and highly-rated entertainment. Shaping and introducing the community to you by DLE.


For further information, please email us at   support@dle-tech.info