Glider DLE-GL02-00 Flight


Scratch Build Glider presented by Angel Gendut Productions.


Aircraft Platform : DLE-GL02-00


Tested Drive system :

  • Brushless motor : Revox 2808-1900kv
  • Speed Controller : Emax ESC 30A with internal linear BEC 5V/2A
  • Electric Nylon Propeller : Revox 6x4E
  • Servos : 4 x HXT (Hextronik) MG14, Metal Gear servo
  • Li-Po Batt : Revox 3S-2200mAh (30C) Nano Tech  OR  Emax Tipple 3S-1800mAh (20C)


Radio Tx/Rx system:

  • Tx : Futaba T8FG Super, 2.4 GHz transmitter
  • Rx : Futaba R6028SB, 8ch 2.4 GHz receiver


Design review :

  • Airbrake mixing is implemented to alter the elevator position for take-off (overhead hand-launch).
  • The wing aspect ratio provides a good glide ratio when the wind condition is calm and/or catching rising thermal.
  • The motor power is too high for the required spec, even though the motor weight is small. (high power to weight ratio).


Flight photos are available at Joni DLE google +


Music By: T-Mass “Neglected Perfection” , Myriad ft. Jess Abran “Contrast”
Album: Dubstep.NET Exclusives