Sky Fest 2014


Angel Gendut Productions presents:

Random footage of Sky Fest 2014, Indonesia

Date                  : 19 – 20 April 2014 ( only 19 April is shown in the video )
Location            : PUSDIRGA, BUPERTA – Cibubur, Jakarta – Indonesia
Events footage  : 3D Plane,3D Heli, Warbirds, Multi-rotor Race

Photos gallery   : Google + joni DLE


The 1st International Aerosport Show in Indonesia, to introduce the development of Indonesian Aerosport to the international community, and to attract more interest and new talent in the world of aerosport. The event will accommodate aerosport activists, hobbyist and enthusiast to show their work and accomplishments that have been achieved during the time.

Sky Fest 2014 is a venue where all the stakeholders of aerosport such as the hobbyist, enthusiasts, community, business and related industries, as well as the regulators can meet and interact with each other.

In this event also introduced to the younger generation to love Indonesian aerospace.