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The Glider

DLE-GL02-00 the glider





DLE-GL02-00 PIC01


DLE-GL02-00 PIC02



        The Glider


Wingspan                      : 1561 mm ( 61.45 inch )

Length                           : 1020 mm ( 40.15 inch )

Height                            : 236 mm ( 9.29 inch )

Estimated A.U.W            : 650 g – 700 g ( 22.9 oz – 24.7 oz )


This is a glider type aircraft. This glider is able to soar up high in the sky, gliding with the wind , as well as the rising thermal. The wing is long and slender to produce high aspect ratio. The detachable wing enables easy and convenient transport.

DP-GL02-00 Preview Rev0

BG-GL02-00 Preview Rev0

PDF Design Plans ( tiled A4-size ) 


Design plans consists of the model’s detail specification, the required material and components, the recommended flight setups, assembly diagram, the parts’ template and etc.

It also includes the build guide with instruction to construct the model with sequential steps and pre-steps.


Released Revision : 00

Price : USD $7.64

New Price : USD $5.00


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