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MF-FFR-31 RevA












Wingspan                     : 771 mm ( 30.35 inch )

Length                          : 875 mm ( 34.44 inch )

Height                           : 196 mm ( 7.71 inch )


This is a pusher parkjet. This design is based on the fictional / experimental aircraft. With the collaboration with MESARC ( www.mesarc.club ) and the permission by Jake Marshall, this prototype design provides the additional MESArcff fleet collection.

The Sylphid consists of 2 AIlerons and 2 Elevators ( The Ailerons and Elevators can be configured as 4 X Elevons for more aggressive maneuvers ) and optional rudders on the vertical stabilizers.


DP-FFR-31 Preview Rev0


PDF Design Plans ( tiled A4-size ) 


Design plans consists of the model’s detail specification, the required material and components, the recommended flight setups, assembly diagram, the parts’ template and etc.

Simple instruction will guide you to construct the plane.

Released Revision : A


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