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DLE-FJ-14-00 Flight


The Scratch Build F-14 is presented by Angel Gendut Productions

Airframe : DLE-FJ-14-00, The Speed Demon


Tested Drive system :

  • Revox 2809 – 1900kv, 150W
  • Emax 30A ESC
  • Revox 6x4E Prop
  • Emax ES08MD Digital, Metal Gear servo
  • Emax Tipple 3S Li-Po 1800mAh (20C)


Tx/Rx system:

  • JR Propo XG-7, 2.4 GHz transmitter
  • JR Propo RG831B, 8ch 2.4 GHz receiver


Music By: Linkin Park “Given up”

The Speed Demon

  DLE-FJ-14-00 PIC


DLE-FJ-14-00 PIC 02


DLE-FJ-14-00 PIC 03


        The Speed Demon  


Wingspan                     : 672 mm ( 26.4 inch )

Length                          : 795 mm ( 31.1 inch )

Height                           : 193 mm ( 7.6 inch )

Estimated A.U.W           : 670 g – 750 g ( 23.6 oz – 26.4 oz )


This is a high speed pusher parkjet. This design is based on U.S military fighter jet F-14 Tomcat. The simple design makes the plane light and fly at a high speed. The swept-back wings are   assembled with KFm4 airfoil so as to produce the least air friction to achieve high speed maneuver. Minimum number of control surfaces (Ailerons and elevator) makes this plane for more experienced pilot.

DP-FJ-14-00 Preview Rev0


PDF Design Plans ( tiled A4-size ) 


Design plans consists of the model’s detail specification, the required material and components, the recommended flight setups, assembly diagram, the parts’ template and etc.

Simple instruction will guide you to construct the plane.

Released Revision : 00

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DLE: F-14, Scratch Build, Part II

More flight testing of the F-14 design.

DLE: F-14, Scratch Build, Maiden Flight


The first prototype testing of U.S F-14 inspired military jet design. A high speed plane with 2 ailerons and 1 Elevator as the control surfaces. KFm4 Airfoil is installed to reduced wind turbulence.