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DLE-FJ-50-00 Flight


The Scratch Build T-50 PAK FA is presented by Angel Gendut Productions.

Airframe : DLE-FJ-50-00, Cyxoй ΠAK ΦA


Tested Drive system :

  • Revox 2809 – 1900kv, 150W
  • Emax 30A ESC
  • Revox 6x4E Prop
  • Emax ES08MD Digital, Metal Gear servo
  • Emax Tipple 3S Li-Po 1800mAh (20C)


Tx/Rx system:

  • JR Propo XG-7, 2.4 GHz transmitter
  • JR Propo RG831B, 8ch 2.4 GHz receiver


Music By: Hard Rock Sofa & Swanky Tunes “Here We Go”

Building DLE-FJ-50-00

DLE-FJ-50-00 Catalog

The project steps for building DLE-FJ-50-00 are much similar to the project DLE-FJ-14-00. Have a look at it for more detail reference.


The first step starts from preparing the parts’ from the foam sheets.  In this project, 2 sheets of foam ( 1m x 1m x 5 mm) are required. It is highly recommended to use a utility knife with a sharp blade for a smooth and clean cut and a hobby knife for cutting the narrow-shaped holes.








The second step is to make the edge bevels and the double bevels for folding lines of the parts and the hinge lines for the control surfaces. Strengthening the fold lines also applies in this project by using tape along the lines.


The third step involves preparing the control surfaces; the elevons (mixture function of ailerons and elevator). The elevons are cut from the main wing parts. The hinges of each respective control surface are constructed by using tapes.

The next procedure is to prepare the narrow holes for the carbon tube spar. Refer to the Design Plans for the carbon spar installation location. After the carbon tube spars have been located properly, secure them using thin layer of hot glue; flush to the surface of the foam.

The following step is to assemble the electromechanical system of the plane; the servos, the motor, the ESC and the receivers.





The fourth step is to make the nose block; a foam solid block is shaped and glued to fill the front of the nose to increase strength for any impact.




The final step is the final assembly process. Assemble all the remaining parts together to the main wing (the fuselage section and the vertical stabilizers at 68° from the main wing level). The configuration process of the C.O.G (Center of Gravity) implements the similar technique as the project DLE-FJ-14-00. Make sure the batteries are included during this process. Mark the position of the battery and set the battery to that particular location for each flight. (Please note that different battery spec (weight and dimension) will alter the previous C.O.G preset; in that case a C.O.G reconfiguration process is required).


Have fun building and make sure to share the experience. Good luck.

Cyxoй ΠAK ΦA

       DLE-FJ-50-00 PIC


DLE-FJ-50-00 PIC02       DLE-FJ-50-00 PIC03



         Cyxoй ΠAK ΦA


Wingspan                      : 748 mm ( 29.4 inch )

Length                           : 919 mm ( 36.2 inch )

Height                            : 180 mm ( 7.1 inch )

Estimated A.U.W            : 660 g – 700 g ( 23.3 oz – 24.7 oz )


This is a swift pusher parkjet. This design is based on Russian 5th-generation fighter jet Sukhoi T-50 PAK FA (Cyxoй ΠAK ΦA). The delta wing-blended body design enables high maneuverability flight. The delta wings are assembled with KFm4 airfoil for aerobatic maneuver. 4 x elevons as control surfaces makes this plane sensitive and agile.

DP-FJ-50-00 Preview Rev0

PDF Design Plans ( tiled A4-size ) 


Design plans consists of the model’s detail specification, the required material and components, the recommended flight setups, assembly diagram, the parts’ template and etc.

Simple instruction will guide you to construct the plane.

Released Revision : 00

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DLE: On Board T-50 PAK FA

The FPV videos on board the T-50 PAK FA. Standard and aerobatic maneuvers are performed.

DLE: T-50, Scratch Build, Part II


More Flight testing of T-50 PAK FA.