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Flaperon Mixing and 3-Pos Flap Switch

Quick Tips on how to setup Flaperon mixing on Transmitter and the implementation of 3-Position Flap mixing switch.

Note that JR PROPO XG-7 transmitter is used in this case. However, this method may be applied to the different manufacturers or types. Please refer to the manufacturers’ manual on flaperon mixing on each respective brand.



These tips are implemented to enhance your flight experience and ease the TAKE-OFF and LANDING procedures for your model. Flaperons are the combination of Ailerons and Flaps; the ailerons of the model can be functioned as the flaps as well, and during the flaps engaged, the ailerons can be function normally to control the roll of the model. This method enables the model with only Ailerons to function as flaps as well.

In order to enable the flaperons, transmitter mixing program is required. Firstly, enter the [ SYSTEM LIST ] menu ( by holding the [ ENT ] button while turning ON the transmitter, for JR PROPO).

System list

Secondly, scroll down to [ WING TYPE ] to enable the [ FLAPERON ] (default setting : OFF).

Wing type

Thirdly, return to [ MAIN SCREEN ] and enter the [ FUNCTION LIST ].

Main screen

Function list

Fourthly, scroll down and enter the [ FLAP SYS. ] to configure your desired 3-position flap mixing switch settings. FLAP is the angle amount setting on the ailerons, and ELEV is the angle amount setting on the elevator.

Flap system





POS.1 [ NORM ] for LEVEL FLIGHT position:

—–>   set FLAP and ELEV to 0


POS.2 [ MID ] for TAKE-OFF position:

—–>   set FLAP to moderate amount of down angle ( 15° – 25° )

—–>   set ELEV to small amount of up angle ( 10° – 15° )


POS.3 [ LAND ] for LANDING position:

—–>   set FLAP to more down angle than previously ( 30° – 45° )

—–>   set ELEV to less up angle than previously ( 5° – 10° )


The numerical value of each setting must be adjusted to your own model, as the characteristic of each model differs and every user has their own preferred style of settings.


Finally, before flying your model, it is recommended to test the function of the flaperon mixing system. Make sure the servo connections are already correct for FLAPERON mixing; refer to the diagram below.

Receiver Connection Flaperon


For different brands and types, please refer to the manufacturer’s manual.


Use the 3-position flap mixing switch to engage the flaps; TAKE-OFF, LEVEL FLIGHT, or LANDING position.


3pos flap switch


Here is the TAKE-OFF position:




Here is the LEVEL FLIGHT position:


Level flight


Here is the LANDING position:



Here is a quick demonstration video:




Fly with confidence!


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