The UAV Automaton, DLE-JW02-A2, development phase 02



The Automaton is presented by Angel Gendut Productions.


UAV / FPV Platform : DLE-JW02-A2

Development Phase 02 : FPV and Autopilot system


Wing Span             : 1.5 m

Control Surface     : 2 Flaps and 2 Ailevators

Tested A.U.W         : 2.2 kg


Tested Drive system :

  • Brushless motor : Turnigy G10, 810kv, 375W
  • Speed Controller : Turnigy Trust 55A SBEC with internal switch-mode BEC 5.5V/3A
  • Electric Nylon Propeller : Revox 12x6E
  • Servos : 4 x Emax ES08MD Digital, Metal Gear servo
  • Li-Po Batt : Zippy Compact 4S-2200mAh (35C)
  • 308 grams of solid lead (As weight simulation)


Radio Tx/Rx system :

  • Tx : Futaba T8FG Super, 2.4 GHz transmitter
  • Rx : Futaba R6028SB, 8ch 2.4 GHz receiver


FPV system :

  • FPV cam : 1/3 ” Sony CCD camera, 700VTL
  • Belly cam: GoPro Hero 3 Black Edition camera
  • AV Transmitter : Aomway  5.8GHz, 1000mW, clover-leaf antenna
  • AV Receiver : Aomway 5.8GHz, built-in DVR, clover-leaf antenna
  • FPV ground monitor : Feelworld 7 Inch


Autopilot system :

  • FeiyuTech FY-41AP Autopilot and OSD system


Flight debrief :

  • 308 grams of solid lead is attached to the cockpit to simulate the additional weight when a high capacity battery is being used; resulting in 2.2kg of A.U.W.
  • Airbrake mixing is implemented to preset the flaps and ailevators positions for hand-launch take-off and landing.
  • The drive system is inefficient for long duration flight; the test flight lasted for 4 minutes with 3.9km of flight mileage and consumed 1400 mAh of battery capacity. Max airspeed at 86 km/h and cruise speed of 68 km/h. Take-off max current at 42A and cruise speed current at 26A.
  • Test flight altitude at 50m – 60m.
  • Larger capacity battery is required for thorough test flight. And it is recommended to change the drive system with better efficiency ( motor, prop, ESC and battery combination ).
  • The ABM (Auto Balance Mode) and ACM (Auto Circle Mode) flight mode operations are not properly tuned due to the losing altitude characteristics. The autopilot modules need further tuning and calibration.
  • The RTL ( Return To Launch ) flight mode is yet to be tested.
  • The data link with GCS (Ground Control Station) interface is yet to be tested.
  • Waypoint navigation for fully-autonomous flight is yet to be tested.


Flight photos are available at Joni DLE google +


Music By:

  • Karl Jenkins “Palladio”, Luke Da Duke Remix
  • Monty “Horizon”, Album : Dubstep.NET Exclusive